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From one to the other

Well, I've been persistently trying to be on the web ever since 1995 under the alias of habett. I have quite a few traces of that, and here I want to take a semantic approach to try to make sense of it all. I've been trying to exist on the medium through words, pixels and then sounds and videos. Some sites have vanished, some are now held by others and some are so shamefull that I'm trying to hide.

You may crawl the present and past web for traces of my experiments be that would be a mix of vain, lame and humiliating to me. The clock goes on and on. Trying to find the common key to these experiments, I must face the fact that the most frequent punctum amongst the observation of my visitors is my capacity to aggregate keywords, sometimes explicits, often cryptic, around the content I produce.

I could try to explain at least a few key-words but what's the point ? Explain ? Let me reverse the angle. At some point a tagging is just a keyword associated to an object (a pair). Right. My parity is not yours, maybe because you understand the words differently but surely because you react to the object in the different cerebral namespace than I do. The common ground between us lies before our eyes. Or does it ? I don't use the same type of language when I try to describe the music of others, my music and objects that are not musical.

Maybe it's an auto-analysis I'm trying to engage, mine or yours. Let's get started.